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Christina Aguilera

Christina Maria Aguilera – Phenomenal bilingual singer and song writer, Known to the world for her uniquely dominant voice and ability to sing beautiful acapella. She is indeed one of the greater voices within the music fraternity. Born 18th, December 1980 in Staten Island, New York, America, Christina loved music from a very tender age, had what some would call “unreachable ambitions” of becoming a pop star. At age 12 despite her emotional wounds from her parents’ separation she maintain her dedication towards her dream. In 1989 she took an audition opportunity for Mickey Mouse Club (MMC) and was successful at the piece. She tailored her gift of singing throughout the life of that show which created many publicity opportunities for her.

In 1999 she released her first great hit single, “Genie in a bottle”. as of that time onward her career blossomed beautifully. February, 2000 she won a Grammy for “Best New Artist”, 2001, made top-10 in FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women.

2001, announce that she will be the star in a Coke TV commercial campaign, slated to show in the United States of America around May of that year and aired all through the summer. The Campaign offered $US 1,000,000 award money, as well as, the opportunity to get together with the celebrity and shared the experience of her videotape shoot. This Coke commercial campaign followed a previously successful campaign aired exclusively in Latin America.

November, 2005 Christine got married to her best friend and record producer Jordan Bratmen. 2008 as a result, gave birth to the couple’s first son (Max). Her new life as a mother allowed her to make much life changing decisions that would affect the world. She subsequently extended herself by show of compassion to working with many AIDS educational campaigns and associates herself with Women’s Center and Shelters within America. In 2010, she assumed the role of ambassador against “Hunger for the World Food” program - her accountability latter lead to assistance to Haiti in its rebuilding process after a devastating earthquake that crushed the main city.

2010, Christine and Bratman separated after a troubled union, following the closer of that chapter, the pop star experience many undesirable public situations. Atop the list was the unpleasant incident at the Super Bowl in February 2011, where she obviously forgot the lyrics of the National Anthem, She was then arrested for public intoxication later that year. Both incidents contributed too many public opinions about her possible alcohol habits.

The artist and song writer however, is still loved by the world and undoubtedly continue to excel at her career. Overall Christina has recorded sales for more than 25 million albums and has collected three Grammy Awards to date.

Her dedication has made her the great woman she is today.

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